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ArchaeoResearch are a small, independent, research team primarily focused on the study of ancient Egyptian material culture, tools, and technologies. This research is incorporated into both publication and used for teaching. One of the larger projects ArchaeoResearch has been involved in is the Predynastic Palette Database (PPDB), which is a custom built database to catalogue various details of palettes in global museum collections. The PPDB has been used as the basis for data incorporated into publication and also lecturing engagements.

ArchaeoResearch is led by Matt Szafran, who is an independent researcher specialising in the study of ancient tools and technologies. He is a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and Trustee of the Friends of the Petrie Museum. His current research focusses on the manufacture and use of stone palettes in Predynastic Egypt, using experimental archaeology and advanced imaging technologies, such as microscopy and Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) to complement textual studies. Matt has published and lectured on this topic, and is currently incorporating this research into a book discussing the design, manufacture, and possible uses of Predynastic palettes. His research interests also include the popular perception, reception, and representation of Egypt depicted in mass media, in particular late 20th and 21st century movies and television. 

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Budget RTI Copy Stand

After a question from a colleague on how to create a budget RTI set up for museum-based study of moderately sized objects (eg palettes or stelae). Tripods, and ball heads, …

Highlight-Based RTI Equipment

The equipment required for highlight-based Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) is essentially the same for all captures; a light source which can be moved (or a dome of multiple light sources) …